Overcoming the Steady-State Cardio Hump

For some reason I seem to have slipped into the mindset that on my cardio-only days, 50 minutes is the correct amount of time to spend gettin’ my sweat on. I tend to prefer steady-state cardio, or cardio done at a continual pace and heart rate (such as running five miles).

Steady Run

Today I was determined to change it up a bit. I was determined to make myself stop after 30 minutes of cardio. This may sound ridiculous, but it’s really hard for me to stop because I have this weird feeling that my workout is incomplete. I’ve read so many articles touting the benefits of interval and HIIT training, done in a much shorter amount of time, so my plan was to complete a 20 minute interval workout.

To fight my natural inclination to do 50 minute of cardio, I planned to attend a yoga class at 6 a.m., so by the time I got to the gym, I only had 30 minutes to spare before the class.

My  interval workout included a five minute warm up and a five minute cool down and 20 minutes of interval training:

Minutes            Speed                                                                      Incline

  • 1-5                 4.0                                                                   6.0
  • 5 – 12            9.0 for 20 seconds, 4.5 for 40 seconds     1.0
  • 12 – 13         10.0 for 20 seconds, 4.5 for 40 seconds   1.0
  • 13 – 23         9.5 for 20 seconds, 4.5 for 40 seconds     1.0
  • 23 – 25         10.0 for 20 seconds, 4.5 for 40 seconds   1.0
  • 25 – 30         4.0                                                                 5.0

Total time: 30 minutes, Calories burned: 320

I hopped off the treadmill just in time to make it to yoga. Yoga was meh. I have such a hard time getting into the proper mental state to enjoy a yoga class. My mind is always racing and I have the worst time concentrating on my breathing. I literally start singing songs in my head.

Are you a fan of yoga?

I desperately need to incorporate more stretching into my workout routine… I’m just not sure that yoga is the way for me to do it. I may try taking a Pilates class, because I’ve enjoyed those more than yoga in the past. We’ll see!


Today’s breakfast wrap came together in a flash and included:

  • Joseph’s lavash bread
  • Two slices of Canadian Bacon
  • Laughing Cow light Swiss cheese wedge

Canadian Bacon and Cheese

Wrapped Up

I really wanted to throw an egg in this bad boy, but we’re all out! A trip to the grocery store is a must tonight!

Special Birthday Shout Out

Happy birthday to my best friend, Michaela! Michaela and I have been friends since elementary school and lived across the street from each other in Palatine, Illinois until I moved to Florida after my senior year of high school.

Me and Michaela... and our Miller Lite Microphones 🙂

Though she’s currently in optometry school at Indiana University (yeahhh, she’s a smartie pants 😉 ), we’ve still managed to see each other at least once a year since I moved down south… last year we met up in Arizona to visit our other friends from high school.

You’ll definitely see more pictures of this pretty girl because she’s going to be a bridesmaid in our wedding in October and I’ll see her in Chicago for my bachelorette party before the big day.

I love you Kay Baby! Happy 25th! 😀

21 Responses

  1. I love cardio, but its tough for me to do steady state cardio! I love doing intervals and HIIT and switching it up. Also love yoga. I taught for 4 years but slacked off a bit. Have just got more into it and LOVE it.

  2. I have to make myself to intervals, but every time I do, I SWEAT! I need to make an effort to do it more often, but, like you, I am a steady cardio kind of gal 🙂

  3. I am so scared of intervals! I think steady is where it’s at, haha. Your workout sounds great. 🙂 And intense!

  4. I haaaate steady state. So boring and i’m just not good at it. Short sweet and intense for me

  5. ive been wanting to try yoga- i think it is something that would be very relaxing and empowering!


  6. I do a mix of both since I HATE cardio, I figure that I should work as hard as I can for the least amount of time possible.

    Keep working on yoga and just get into the “blank” state of mind, it took me about 4 classes but they day it happened was awesome and such a stress reliever.

  7. Yoga is really hard for me too. I can’t ever seem to shut off my mind and I typically get distracted!

  8. Hi Julie,
    I have been a reader for a while but I just had to comment on this post..my hometown is Barrington, IL. Right next to palatine! small world!? 🙂

  9. I am a huge fan of yoga but not so much of cardio. Unless you count taking long walks a form of cardio 😉

  10. I love yoga and I’ve done it for years. I’ve taken Pilates once or twice and I actually find it to be less intense! I mean, it’s still a good workout but I prefer yoga. If you’re gonna take yoga, try a challenging class, like Ashtanga or an athletic yoga.

  11. I love doing intervals like that! Talk about a runners high WOO!

  12. I have the same mindset with my cardio! unless I’m at a spin class, I usually run at about the same pace. This workout looks fantastic!! thanks for sharing it! I hope you’re having a great tuesday! xoxo!

  13. I have never been good about doing Yoga or Pilates either and know I should give it a go. It’s just that when I make the time to workout, I want it to be the tough stuff. Have to change that mindset I guess. That workout looked awesome 🙂

  14. I love yoga. Lately I’ve been able to shut my mind off and just relax. I’ve done pilates in the past and gotten an excellent work out as well.

  15. I’m the same way- I like steady cardio. I’ve also been trying yoga lately and I love it! It’s really relaxing and stretches you out

  16. I have to agree with you girl! as much as I love an intense workout sesh, for some reason, mentallly it is tough to just stop after a certani period of time when i feel like I should be doing more! BUT it is so good to change up workouts once in a while which I what I try to do. I did pilates at my gym for the first time in a about a year and LOVED It! so different but ya know what I loved changing it up!!

    glad you enjoyed your HIIT workout and great breakkie!

  17. I am totally with you on this!! It’s so funny you posted it today because this morning at the gym I thought the same thing. I ended up doing a 20 min sprint interval on the treadmill and it was shorter but way more intense. I prefer SS but I know its prob not the best thing, sometimes I just enjoy the head clearing abilities of a long cardio sesh. I believe that variety is the spice of life with food and workouts!

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