Big Ol’ Lunch

I love eating. I really do.

I think I could eat all day long, which is probably why I gravitate toward the five to six mini-meal plan rather than the typical three square meals a day. I can’t imagine only eating three times a day. The thought just makes me sad. 😦

Do you eat mini-meals throughout the day or the standard three big meals?

When I began eating vegetables, I loved that fact that I could eat and eat (and eat and eat!) and know that all that eating was actually good for me. My body wants those vitamins and minerals!

Today I enjoyed a big ol’ lunch full of veggies.

Spaghetti Squash Bowl

I had a large helping of spaghetti squash, topped with portobello mushrooms, tomato basil marinara sauce and lots of Parmesan cheese.

All Mixed Up

My tummy is stuffed… with good stuff. 😀

Giveaway Reminder

One last reminder to enter the Progresso soup, mug and jump rope giveaway! I’ll announce the winner after dinner tonight. 🙂

8 Responses

  1. I definitely love to eat too! I eat all day long…breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert. I love the mini-meals because it engages my metabolism and maked sure it is constantly running!

  2. mmmm get in MY belly..looks so good!! I love speghetti squash and craving warm foods to warm me up!!

    no way I eat 3 times a day!!! I usually have 3 meals then 3 snacks! 🙂 thats the way I like it!

  3. That spaghetti squash looks super good. I still haven’t tried it, but I’ve got a recipe marked I want to use to try it. Maybe this weekend?

  4. I can’t imagine eating only 3 times a day either! I would either feel stuffed or starved! lol I typically eat 6 mini meals a day too and wouldn’t have it any other way! I don’t understand how people can go so long between meals….it’s crazy to me!!

    P.S. Your veggielicious lunch looks fab! You can never eat enough veggies! (except carrots, in which case you’ll start to turn orange! It actually happened to me! haha)

  5. Im with you girl on the loving to eat!! I like to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day too!!!!!! Your lunch looks yum and I LOVE the new Blog!!!!!

  6. I’m so with you! I am a mealer as well. Great dish of veggies. Isn’t spaghetti squash amazing? Hope you’re having a good day!!

  7. I love eating too!! I eat breakfast, lunch, snack, sometimes another snack, dinner, dessert!!! 🙂

  8. I used to eat the whole 6 meals a day, I think it actually ruined me LOL! I used to think like you girls do now, and thought how could I ever eat less. Well my meals were SO low in calories compared to a 3 meal a day plan. I eventually gravitated towards less meals, I just don’t have the time to monkey around and be so focused on food all the time and have to eat every 3 hours. No thanks! I now prefer to eat those big 3 meals a day and don’t have to think about it so much and so much more satisfying, I also eat and fit in plenty of veggies.

    Just my spin but to each his own!

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