Souper Package and Giveaway

When I walked in to my apartment after work today, Ryan informed me that I had one heck of a heavy package waiting for me.

I opened it to find about a billion different kinds of Progresso soup… all with less than 100 calories per serving.

Yay for Packages!

Sadie was also souper excited about this package and made a mess of helped me sort through the packaging.

Sadie Wanted In

Ryan immediately went to work building a beeramid soupamid of all the cans of soup.


(I can’t wait to try the Manhattan clam chowder!)

I also received a Progresso soup mug and a jump rope that keeps track of jumps and calories burned. The soup and fun gifts were sent to me as part of Progresso’s “Souper You Debut” contest.

Here’s some information about the contest from Progresso:

January 4 through March 15, visit to enter the Progresso “Souper You Debut” contest for the chance to win a full makeover in New York City. Three grand prize winners will be awarded a trip for two to New York City from May 21st-23. The prize includes roundtrip airfare, a two-night stay in a NYC hotel, a full makeover, a $1,000 wardrobe shopping spree and personal consultation at a New York department store.

To enter:

  • Go to to learn more and enter the contest
  • Submit your essay (200 characters or less) telling Progresso why you love Progresso Light or 100 Calorie Soups and why you would like a makeover
  • In addition, please submit a photo of yourself that visually reinforces the theme of your essay

Once you enter, you’ll have the chance for your photo and/or an excerpt from your essay to appear on, so be sure to check back frequently! Once the 10 finalists are announced, you can visit from March 29 through April 12 to vote for your favorite.

In addition, throughout the duration of the contest you can visit to download a coupon for $1 off any three varieties of Progresso Soup.

Souper Giveaway

Progresso has also offered to giveaway two cans of soup, a Progresso soup mug and the calorie/jump-counting jump rope to one of you faaaabulous readers! To enter, simply comment on this post telling me what kind of soup is your favorite. Easy peasy.

I will randomly select a winner using’s random integer generator, and will announce the lucky winner tomorrow night.

Dog Park Fun

Since Sadie was a little too enthusiastic about the bubble wrap in the soup package, Ryan and I knew she needed some extra exercise tonight, so we leashed her up for a trip to the dog park.

"Best Ball Everrrr!"

Dog Park Smiles

Sadie was quite the daddy’s girl today and played several rounds of fetch with Ryan.

The Stand Off

"C'mon, Dad... Throw it!


Though the ball-throwing was quite intense, another dog was the real source of excitement at the park today…

Wolf Dog

Yes, that would be a wolf dog. The wolf dog’s owner said she’s 80 percent wolf. She had yellow eyes and even started howling when a fire truck went by and the sirens were blaring. (I wonder if she is a member of the Quileute tribe??? Twilight nerd alert. ;))

Mongolian Beef Dinner

Eventually our bellies told us it was time to head home for dinner. While Ryan did the dishes, I got to work making Mongolian beef using a recipe I tore out of the December 2009 issue of Cooking Light.

Mongolian Beef a la Cooking Light

Mongolian Beef Recipe

(Mama, I finally got to use that hoisin sauce I stole from you! :D)

The sauce was really easy to make and the entire dinner came together in less than 20 minutes.


We topped steamed fresh broccoli with the beef mixture and it was deeeeelish!

My Bowl

Ryan said he thought this recipe would be great with shrimp as well and I totally agree. I see Mongolian shrimp in our future!


Do I even have to say what I had for dessert tonight?

JELLO MOUSSE CUP! Yes, the love affair continues…

Even Sadie is affected:


Thank You for Your Love

Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my new blog design (courtesy of The Blog Fairy). I’m so glad you are smitten with it, just like I am! 🙂 Emily did a wonderful job and was so open to my thoughts and suggestions. If you’re ever in the market for a blog makeover, I highly recommend Miss Emily!

G’night everyone! See ya mañana!

39 Responses

  1. i love love love lentil soup!!

  2. That Mongolian beef looks great!

    My favorite soup is tomato!

  3. That beef looks delish!

  4. First of all, very cute outfit!! Love those boots!!

    Next, that mongolian beef looks so delicious!! I love Cooking Light recipes.

    And my favorite soup ever is my mom’s homemade veggie beef soup!! 🙂

  5. The mongolian beef looks so good – and subbing shrimp sounds amazing too! My favorite soup changes all the time, but lately I’ve been craving split pea 🙂

  6. I just love your Sadie! Her facial expressions are so freaking adorable.

    That wolf dog is so neat! Not gonna lie, I’d be kind of scared seeing her out and about!

    I love minestrone 🙂

  7. Sadie is adorable! I can’t wait till I have the space for my own puppy. My apartment just won’t cut it!

    Favorite soup?! You mean I have to pick just one? Hmm…homemade chix noodle for sure!

  8. I just found your blog! Your dinner looks amazing! I saw that recipe, but couldn’t decide if I wanted to make it.

  9. love the new blog, girl! too funny I used emily too and look at our apples and PB at the top of both of our blogs, they are the same LOL…super cute !!

    the mongolian beef looks so great, I love finding new recipes!

    HOLY SOUP!!! that will keep you warm in FL right now for sure!

  10. my favorite soup is progresso’s vegetarian vegetable!

  11. I like vegetable soup 🙂 A classic! I have to be careful, though, as I’m a vegetarian, and, ridiculously, some vegetable soups have animal products in them. But Progresso light vegetable soup doesn’t, and it’s tasty!

  12. my favorite soup is classic chicken noodle!!
    great dinner 🙂


  13. I find it sooo cool that you receive free stuff!! I bet you’re so excited, and I’m sure you’ll be receiving tons of foodie things in the future!

    Your new blog design looks great, and I lovvvve those black boots!

    I’m all for chicken noodle soup! yummm 🙂

  14. I love your blog and I am a HUGE peanut butter fan, too!
    My favorite soup is definitely minestrone!

    I am working on my first blog and can’t wait for people to see it! I will send you the link as soon as it’s up and running. 🙂

  15. My favourite is butternut squash! And the blog looks great!

  16. Wolf dog! LOL! That dog is scary looking. I’m glad Sadie and Ryan had a great day 😀

    Love the blog look!

    Tomato soup for me!

  17. I used to eat this soup a lot while I was working…..really liked the Italian Style Vegetable. Great contest!

  18. I love tomato soup… esp with a side of grilled cheese!

  19. Nice pics of Miss Sadie at the park!!

    I love any sort of chicken tortilla/southwestern/black bean! Bring on the spice! 🙂

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  21. Dinner looks awesome!! I bought the mousse cups yesterday…they are pretty tasty!

  22. Lately I’ve been on a tomato soup kick, but I also looove chicken soup. (and I was just saying I need a jump rope so I can exercise on my back deck)

  23. chicken noodle soup is amazing! the jump rope seems fun too 🙂

  24. I like the chicken noodle soup!!! Tortilla soup is a close second 🙂

  25. My favorite soup is Chicken Tortilla! Yum. That mongolian beef recipe looks awesome. My hubby would love it.

  26. I’m a chicken noodle soup kinda gal!

  27. My favorite soup is any veggie soup and light clam chowder. Mmm! Also, that mongolian beef recipe looks soooo good!!!!

  28. i love me some amy’s black bean soup or souplantation’s chili

  29. That jump rope sounds really intriguing. I haven’t jumped rope in so long! Great giveaway.

  30. Tomato soup is my fave!

    Love sadie under that blanket! LOL! 🙂

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  32. Wow, I WOULD LOVE to get that progresso mug and jump rope…the soup too I guess. I had to comment – you are just too stinkin’ cute. I’ve been reading blogs in google reader lately which doesn’t allow me to comment from there but I’m keepin’ up with you. 🙂
    I love the new blog look, too! ALSO, the dessert only reception is TOPS!! One of my good girlfriends did dessert and wine/mimosa’s only at her reception and it was elegant and fun without pretense! LOVE IT!

  33. Ooh I like vegetable and chicken noodle style soups. I should really go out of my comfort zone and try some new ones!

  34. My favorite kind of soup is lobster bisque!

  35. Veggie and noodle. Before I went completely meatless I loved them all!

  36. My fave is chicken tortilla!

  37. I love the new layout!

    Favorite Progresso soup has to be classic chicken noodle. mmmm. Can’t go wrong with than 😉

  38. Definitely chicken with dumplings! !! I’vehad it twice this week!!!

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