Fibrous Scrabble

After dinner last night Ryan and I decided to play Scrabble in front of the fire. Ryan let me start the game and my first word was quite blog-appropriate: fiber! Do I make you guys proud? 😉

Well, my blog-inspired word was likely the death of me in this particular game, as Ryan tacked on an “ous” to the end of the word and got mega-points!


(As I posted this picture, I realized “fibrous” is actually spelled incorrectly on our board… there’s no “e” in fibrous! Ryan, I want a re-match!)

We were actually quite proud of ourselves for filling up the entire board and playing until there was only one letter remaining! We made a concerted effort to play up or to the side so the game could actually continue.

Ryan was our score keeper (I hate math) and used the nifty vizsla notepad I got in my Christmas stocking to keep score.

Score Board

(I know, we’re obsessed with our dog…)

Whenever we play any games, Ryan is always the score keeper. He’s my number cruncher! Whenever I’m cooking or baking in the kitchen and need to condense a recipe, he’s my go-to guy for figuring out how to divide the recipe in thirds or quarters. 😉

Are you a number cruncher or a wordy one?

I’m definitely a wordy girl… I leave all the math and number fun to my financial fiance.

Workout and Breakfast

I had my first good cardio workout of the year today! Though I’ve hit the gym for cardio several times since the start of 2010, I haven’t really left feeling like I really challenged myself too much or got my heart pumpin’ too hard until today.

I did a 50 minute treadmill workout that looked like this:

  • Walk at 4.0 at 7.5 incline for 4 minutes
  • Jog at 6.5 at 1.0 incline for 5 minutes
  • Walk at 4.0 at 7.5 incline for 4 minutes
  • Jog at 6.5 at 1.0 incline for 5 minutes
  • Jog at 6.5 at 2.0 incline for 3 minutes
  • Run at 7.0 at 1.0 incline for 3 minutes
  • Run hard at 8.0 at 1.0 include for 1 minute
  • Jog at 6.0 at 1.0 incline for 1 minute
  • Run hard at 8.0 at 1.0 incline for 1 minute
  • Run at 7.0 at 1.0 incline for 1 minute
  • Jog at 6.5 at 1.0 incline for 3 minutes
  • Walk at 4.0 at 7.5 incline for 4 minutes
  • Jog at 6.5 at 1.0 incline for 5 minutes
  • Walk at 4.0 at 7.5 incline for 5 minutes
  • Walk (cool down) for 5 minutes

I left nice ‘n’ sweaty and ready for a yummy breakfast.

While I showered I cooked up a batch of steel cut oats because a hot breakfast sounded perfect on this chilly morning.

Steel Cut Oats

I really do like steel cut oats better than plain old fashioned oats because I feel like they are creamier and nuttier, though I usually gravitate toward the old fashioned variety because they cook up nice and fast!

The big bowl of steel cut oats was quite a nice treat today!


I stirred in half a scoop of All the Whey cupcake batter protein powder and a sliced apple to round out my oatty bowl.

Sliced Apple

Tuesday's Breakfast

Oats 'n' Apple

I burned my throat a bit gulping down Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas coffee (free from the gym!). Easy does it!

Happy Tuesday, wonderful readers!

24 Responses

  1. I love that you guys do such fun things on the weeknights! We tend to be boring and look at it in a negative way – like it’s a ‘school night’ we can’t do anything. But I am going to take a clue from you!! 😉

  2. scrabble is my favorite 🙂


  3. I have a love-hate relationship with srabble. English is not my first language and apparently I always seem to be making words up (Mark now insists on using a dictionary as a guide ;-)). I love board games – have you tried tri-ominos? It’s like dominos but with a twist. 🙂 I like your cute notepad!

  4. That workout looks great! Do you remember how many calories it burns and the distance it covered? thanks!

  5. I always ask my hubby to play scrabble with me and he says NO! Guess, I need to find a different game that he likes…..I’ve also been meaning to try steel cut oats!

  6. I love scrabble!! Unfortunately though, my hubby isn’t very wordy and he doesn’t like to play often. 🙂

  7. I might be trying out that treadmill workout today – I need a challenge and that looks like fun (?) !

  8. ahh scrabble! How fun! Me and Sean play scrabble together via Words with Friends on our iphone! haha

  9. I’m a wordy girly! My hubby makes fun of me b/c I’ve been known to count on my fingers (often). We play scrabble a lot (but actually not in a while – good idea) and Hubby is always so pumped if he beats me b/c words are “my thing.”

  10. That treadmill work out is AWESOME!!! I also love steel cut oats…they are better for you because the refining process is a lot less than standard rolled oats. I am always a big fan of eating the less processed foods the better!

    LOVE scrabble…Keith and I play all the time. It is so funny because I am cut-throat! I HAVE to win. I am a terrible loser so half the time I think Keith lets me win just to make me happy…what a sweet husband! 🙂

  11. That sounds like a fun night! I’m proud of whoever used the word “tilde” since that is a word that I always had to teach in Spanish class with the accents. LOL

    Funnily, I am a number cruncher and a wordy girl. Languages and math were always my best subjects…I despised science and history classes.

    PS – I gave you a beautiful blogger award on my blog so please accept it!!!

  12. ahh scrabble, what a fun game!!! too funny that it is spelled wrong! i would have never known that 🙂

    I like “tapa” haha

    have a great day!!

  13. I love Scrabble! I got the pink version for Christmas! 🙂 Have you ever played Boggle? I would highly recommend it — it’s my favorite game! My mom calls me the “Boggle Queen!” haha

  14. I love that you eat out of random leftover containers. I do that too and get the weirdest looks from my coworkers! So what if I have oatmeal in a cottage cheese container 🙂

    OMG we are crazy obsessed with our dog too. To me it’s completely normal but I’m sure people on the outside think we’re nuts!

  15. I’ve never been good at Scrabble, but I do think I’m pretty good with numbers.

  16. Hey love!! WHERE did you find the cake batter protein powder? and does it really taste like cake batter?! im so intrigued!

  17. […] was a great post-workout breakfast. I did the same 50 minute treadmill workout that I did on Tuesday and it got my heart thumpin’ and my body dripping sweat. One reader […]

  18. […] Scrabble showdown was intense! After Ryan’s victory last time, I was determined to come out on […]

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