Gas Attack

I was attacked at the gym today… by stank gas.

The gentleman next to me  on the treadmill decided to continually drop little fart bombs throughout my run. What a sweetheart, I know.


I tried doing all the obvious things to let the guy know I could smell his little treasures… I coughed, waved my hand in front of my face and on the fifth fart even said “ew” aloud! There was nothing stopping his gas attack.

I managed to make it through my cardio workout (barely) and went to find Ryan in the gymnasium playing basketball. We played a quick game of around the world. I lost terribly… but we decided I could be the Scottie Pippen to Ryan’s Michael Jordan, which made me feel a little better. Everyone liked Scottie, right!?

We left the gym and picked Sadie up for a long walk by some huge houses. I love looking at all the mansions and Ryan and I enjoy playing “which house would you want.” Someday… someday… 😉

By the time we got home I was hungry. I made Ryan a turkey sandwich while my Carba Nada pasta was boiling.

Ryan's Sandwich

My pasta dish was nice and cheesy thanks to lots of Parmesan cheese and a Laughing Cow light French onion cheese wedge. So good!


I added lots of veggies to the pasta including yellow squash, broccoli, spinach and onion.

Cheesy Pasta

It was deeelish.

After lunch I settled in to watch a couple episodes of Gossip Girl on DVD that I borrowed from one of my friends. Why is this show so gosh darn addicting???

I then ran a few errands before getting ready to go out tonight. We’re meeting friends at a Mexican restaurant before going downtown to celebrate my friend Merri’s birthday. Should be a fun night!

Happy Birthday Mer! 😀

6 Responses

  1. Hahahah I just laughed out loud reading your post about the fart bomb gentleman! That is hilarious! It sounds like he ate a little too much All Bran this morning if you know what I mean. 😉 I’m glad you survived your work out (and those stinky smells)!

  2. Ah! Ive been the gassy girl at the gym befor eon the treadmills. So embarassing. I left fast to the bathroom and then another treadmill haha.

  3. That has so happened to me on the treadmill too!! Ugh!

  4. Hahaha, oh man, that stinks! Literally. I hate working out next to smelly people. I do have to admit that once I joined a women only gym, I haven’t had any issues. I blame those gross smelly guys! 🙂

  5. hahaha love how honest you are! thats def happened to me girl, no shame
    your pasta looks good! is that like the tofu shitaki pasta?
    i LOVE gosisp girl-DEF very addicting

  6. Oh my…Well, to be honest I used to be on a high protein diet that caused a few embaressing moments like that :(…

    That is one good looking group of people in the pics above.

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