Christmas Cheers

Christmas was full of family, love, presents and food!

Family Christmas Tree

 I love opening gifts but I really  love watching my family open the presents I picked out for them. It’s so fun to see the reactions I’ve been anticipating for months (and in some cases days).

After a big breakfast of monkey bread and cheese puff cassserole (think egg, cheese, ham and bread), we opened all of our gifts. I received wonderful presents from my family! They did a great job. 🙂

Then my family loaded into the car and headed off to Ryan’s mom’s house for Christmas lunch and a gift exchange with his family.

The food was amazing! Ryan’s grandma used to own a restaurant called The Coffee Cup and his grandmother and mom are excellent cooks. I loaded up my plate with lots of yummy food.

My Christmas Lunch Plate

I prepared a squash recipe and my mom made green beans with almonds to bring to the party.

For dessert I enjoyed a piece of Italian eggnog cheesecake that went unphotographed. In fact, the majority of my meals went undocumented yesterday. Woops!

After lunch, we opened presents. I received wonderful gift from Ryan’s family including a beautiful fleece jacket, scarf and bedazzeled earphones for my iPod.

Me and Ryan on Christmas

Christmas Kisses

Around 3:30, we headed home where my cousin Ricky and his girlfriend Abby were waiting.

It was great to see them! We enjoyed a yummy dinner of potroast, potatoes, carrots and macaroni and cheese before watching Christmas Vacation. Great movie!

I’ll be back soon with more updates from today! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and are enjoying special time with loved ones.

Thank you for all the wonderful Christmas wishes yesterday. I always read all of your comments and emails and am touched by each and every one. Gosh, I just love you all! 😀

7 Responses

  1. What a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

  2. How fun…yall are such a cute couple! Your wedding pictures are going to be fabulous!! haha!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!! 🙂

  4. sounds like you had a great xmas!! love hte pics of you and your fiance 🙂

  5. Aw, looks like it was a fabulous Christmas!! You and the fiance are super cute, btw!

  6. Your Christmas looks fabulous! I’m so glad that you and your family had a very Merry Christmas — I had a good one myself! 🙂 I’m jealous that you got to look at Christmas lights in your boat. I wish we could do that here but it’s way too cold!

  7. you & ryan are a gorgeous couple. your christmas sounds great.. and i agree, watching people open gifts you got them feels really good 🙂


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