Sandwich vs. Sammie Showdown

Yahoo! Today is my last day of work before four days off for Christmas!

I am so excited and anxious to get home to spend some quality time with my family, Ryan and Ryan’s family. I made sure to pack up my bags last night so we can grab-and-go when I get off work today.

Dead Gym

This morning the gym was a ghost town. There was only a handful of people there gettin’ their sweat on.

After BodyPump, I once again I listened to my sister’s iPod during my cardio session. Notable song of the day: “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease. A classic, for sure!

"You're the one that I want, You are the one I want, O o o honey!"

“I’ve got chiiiiiills, they’re multiplyin’! And I’m loooooosing contro-ol…”


I did it! I made it throughout this mini-week at home without going to the grocery store.

Breakfast today made use of food we had on hand. I enjoyed a Canadian bacon and Colby jack cheese breakfast sandwich on an Arnold honey wheat sandwich thin.

Breakfast Sandwich

These sandwich thins are delicious. I love how doughy they are.

Notice how I called this a sandwich and not a sammie. Well, Ryan forbid me from calling anything a sammie anymore because he says the word is ridiculous.

To be totally honest, I completely agree with him and had a bit of a blonde moment over this particular word. I honestly figured a sammie was like a mini sandwich.

What food slang do you think is ridiculous?

When I think of a sandwich I think of something really substantial with lots of meat, veggies and cheese. A sammie, to me, was just a toned-down sandwich.

After Googling the word, it seems like this particular variation on the word sandwich annoys a lot of people. It annoyed me too just to write it, but I thought I was differentiating between a big ol’ sandwich and a little baby sammie.

Now that I know I’m not, I’m back to enjoying sandwiches. 🙂

Healthy Holiday Appetizers

With the holiday season in full swing, parties and potlucks are springing up on everyone’s calendars. In my latest Examiner article I’ve included a list of healthy holiday appetizer recipes so you can bring a yummy dish that’s also good for you to your holiday parties!

Lemon Garlic Marinated Shrimp Appetizer (

Click here to check it out. 😀

12 Responses

  1. LOL I also don’t like the word sammie. I know there are some others I am not a fan of, but I can’t think of any. We love the arnold thins, too. They are so good!

  2. In the UK (Yorkshire) we call a sandwich a sarnie.

  3. My cousin used to hyphenate everything back in college he would call burritos “reets” and tacos “tacs”. I wanted to slap him…

    I also don’t like “sammich”.

  4. Today is my last day at work til Tuesday, too. We usually get let out a bit early, which is nice.

    I don’t think there’s any food slang that really bothers me. However, I post on beauty-related boards and I must say that ‘poo for “shampoo” repulses me! Ick!

  5. Hahaha, Andrew totally agrees and hates the word sammie!!! I guess it does sound funny when spoken aloud, but I think it’s cute to type it out on food blogs. Ya know what I mean??!! haha! Sometimes the simplest of topics are the funniest to me!! 😉

  6. hmmm I gotta think about this one…well gyro…I just dont understand where that came from…same with hoagie…I mean isn’;t it just a sub? my friend from buffalo NY pronoucese bagels like BAG-el’s not BAY-gels its hilarious!

  7. hhaah sammie is a weird word- but i like it! & i love grease 🙂

  8. Nice link for healthy appetizers, damn I didnt see any mexican 3 layer dip with salsa chips on there!! lol! Yeah that would not be healthy : )

    Happy Holidays to you, your fiance, and family!!!!!!!!

  9. haha,,,what annoys me is when my husband says “puddin” without the ‘g’. The word is PUDDING!! haha!

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