My Other Car is a Sleigh

New business idea!!!

Since my genius idea for the weenis was already taken, I’ve been on the hunt for a new business idea. One fell into my lap this morning in the form of a blue mini van.

I pulled up behind the run-down van and laughed when I read the bumper sticker displayed proudly on the back of the van. “My other car is a Ferrari,” it read.


Since the holiday spirit is constantly running through my veins, I instantly had an idea for a Christmasy bumper sticker:

“My other car is a sleigh.”

How awesome would that bumper sticker be? It would look especially fantastic on my Rudolph car.

My Sister’s iPod

Over the weekend my sister put her iPod in my gym bag when we went to workout together. We both forgot it was in there and when I left for Orlando on Sunday, her iPod came along for the journey.

Pink iPod

Since I am sure the iPod is missing my sister desperately, I decided to give it a listen during today’s workout. I literally laughed out loud a handful of times at the songs she had on the old ‘Pod. My favorite jam had to be “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.  I can’t laugh too much though because I owned the Aqua CD and still think it’s pretty darn fabulous. 😉

What embarrassing songs are on your iPod?

My iPod is full of embarrassing songs. I have songs ranging from Disney remixes (think Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast) , Ace of Base, Legally Blonde: The Musical and “Booty Bounce” to old school Alanis Morissette.

I’ve told some of my friends I wish I had the ability to see what songs people listen to while they workout at the gym. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see the name of a song someone is listening to over their head as they were exercising? I think we’d learn a lot about people that way. Maybe that hardcore bodybuilder is a closet Enya or Michael Buble fan… (Who isn’t a Michael Buble fan? The man has the voice of an angel!)


Today’s breakfast included two fruits I stole from my parents’ house this past weekend.

Tuesday's Breakfast

I enjoyed a creamy cup of Fage Greek yogurt with a sliced Honeycrisp apple and a cold clementine.

Even though it’s flippin’ freezing outside today, this chilly breakfast was still nice and tasty. (I immediately poured myself a hot cup of tea afterward though!)

Just Because

And just because I love her and think she’s the cutest thing in the whole-wide-world, here’s a picture of my Sadie girl:

"I love you, blog readers!"

Sadie was very chilly on our morning walk. I kept thinking she had to pee because she was all hunched over trying to stay warm. I even had her in her argyle sweater, but with her teeny little body, she needs a full-blown parka to keep warm.

"Do you like my sweater?"

Apparently us Florida folks can’t hang in the cold.

How cold is it where you are today?

21 Responses

  1. I have some Nsync on my Ipod! It is about 20 here right now but that is actually “warm” for late December.

  2. I have a lot of Slipknot songs on my iPod, haha 😀

    Temperatures here right now = 28°F.

  3. Hahaha oh my – I have every embarrassing song on my iPod.

  4. Half my Ipod is embarassing, and I have no shame!
    It’s freezing here. My poor Rufio cannot get warm, he’s just shivering non stop, so sad.

  5. I remember that song… it plays in my mind now: “Come on Barbie, let’s go party”. Ha ha, it probably made my day!
    I listen to cheese 60’s songs whenever I go for a run… Daydream believer, anything from Beatles before they started ‘meditating’ etc. 🙂 I sometimes sing with them.. I know, people think I’m mad when I’m hopping around singing ‘She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah’… 🙂
    Cute Sadie, hope she gets warm soon!

  6. I have loads of Christmas songs on my iPod, not really embarrassing until after Christmas.

  7. I would say its in the 20s or 30s today here in NY. It’s pretty awful, but we have snow so we should have a white christmas.

  8. Not gonna lie.. “party in the usa” is on my ipod.. I like tried to hide it when I was downloading it.. kinda embarrassing. lol

    We are in PA and its like 25* .. AHHHH. I have approx 65 layers on (inside). 😉

  9. Love the Sadie pics! 🙂 Ripsey (my treeing walker coonhound) wants to know where her sweater is from? Ripsey loves sweaters!!

    • i ordered it for her off ebay (i think) last year. so many doggie clothes are so expensive. her sweater was a bargain!

  10. My entire ipod is embarassing. I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  11. Barbie Girl by Aqua…awesome song! My iPod music covers all aspect of the embarrassing spectrum. I have Disney songs to Phantom of the Opera to Christmas, all year long. Sadie is SO cute. I love her sweater. Styling!

  12. that would be a great weenis idea!! the ability to hear what other people are listening too! I sometimes can if they are blasting it very loud and I once saw a nice older woman (maybe 50) walking on the treadmill listening to Lil wayne “got money” that was a great moment!!

    stay warm today and BIG hug to sadie from meeee

  13. Your i-pod must be AWESOME. I loooove Disney songs. LOL. I’m a geek and proud of it. I don’t have any music from Legally Blond but I have a # of other show tunes including songs from Hairspray and Wicked.

  14. hahahh sadie is hilarious! & it actually isn’t THAT cold in ohio. i have ike 29035 embarassing songs on my ipod- i’d say 1/4 of them are show tunes.


  15. Your dog Sadie is so cute!! Love her in the sweater!!!! Hope you have a great day!!!!!!

  16. My IPOD is filled with embarrasing stuff! When I am out on my long runs (15+ miles) I need motivation and so I typically either listen to hard core rap (that I would be embarrased to otherwise admit to) or really cheesy motivational songs…think “We are the Champions” by Queen…haha!

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