Cold Day, Hot Dinner

Today marks the coldest day of December in Florida. Brrr!

I’m writing this post in my warm pajamas, socks and slippers, with a hot-bodied dog on my lap. Comfy, cozy!

After work I headed to the mall for some last minute Christmas shopping. How is it possible that I am still not done?

Are you done with your holiday shopping?

As I was running out to my car with several shopping bags in hand, I shivered in the cold breeze. I knew a hot dinner was in store.

Warm-the-Belly Dinner

Warm-the-Belly Dinner

Keeping my promise not to go to the grocery store this week, I assembled a dinner using food we had on hand.

I wanted everything to be hot to warm up my belly, so tonight’s dinner featured a grilled cheese sandwich (on a honey wheat Arnold sandwich thin), Campbell’s Select Harvest caramelized French onion soup and steamed broccoli and carrots.

Grilled Cheese and Steamed Veggies

French Onion

My Bowl

I adore simple dinners. 

I see a nice cup of hot chocolate in my future…

7 Responses

  1. stay warm! I am sure your cold is not our cold

    enjoy your hot cocoa!!

  2. grilled cheese’s and soup sound perfect on a cold night.

  3. I’m not really done yet either, don’t worry. 🙂

  4. that dinner does look simple but delicious- grilled cheese is amazzing. & i would say i feel bad a/b the cold, except after dealing w/ some wisconsin weather i have to say that your cold is probably equivalent to a sauna for me right now!! hahah

  5. just got caught up on your blog girl! what a GREAT weekend-chicken tacos, pancakes.. yumm! you and your boo are seriously such a beautiful couple!! and i love your cold day dinner!

  6. I would love that soup right now before I go into the cold.

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