BBQ Chicken Salad

Last night at girl’s holiday movie night, my friend Laurel mentioned a fabulous and super-easy way to make BBQ chicken salad.

Since Ryan and I had BBQ chicken for dinner last night, I figured I’d use the leftover chicken to make the chicken salad for lunch today.

BBQ Chicken Salad

Laurel recommended making the chicken salad using equal parts Miracle Whip and BBQ sauce which turned out great!

I chopped up the grilled BBQ chicken and made the salad using the leftover Brussels sprouts and carrots and some fresh mushrooms as well. I stuffed the chicken salad into a whole wheat pita.

BBQ Chicken Salad Pita

This was a yummy and tasty lunch!

Butternut Squash Soup

I’m up in the air as to what I want for dinner tonight. I have a big box of butternut squash soup I’d like to try, but don’t think a bowl of soup will fill me up.

Do you guys have any recommendations for what I could add to butternut squash soup to turn it into a meal? I’m perplexed!

Carba Nada Giveaway

For all of you pasta lovers out there, be sure to enter my Carba Nada pasta giveaway today! A winner will be posted in the mornin’. This stuff will take your tongue to taste heaven. Seriously.

6 Responses

  1. Butternut squash soup is SO good. I actually love any kind of squash soup! I am a sucker for either a sandwich or a salad when I do soup. Maybe a spinach salad with sliced pears, goat cheese crumbles and some walnuts! YUM! Or a good old fashioned turkey sandwich sounds good too! Let us know what you decide!!

  2. Maybe roast some chickpeas or make a bean burger to have on the side!

  3. I love the bbq chicken idea. It sounds great.

  4. YUMM such a great idea and love it all wrapped up in a pita!

  5. Actually, depending on how sweet the soup is, you can add a chicken sausage diced to the soup for some added protein….or whole grain bread to dip in the soup…..dice apple and pear also pair well with butternut squash soup and bulks it up a bit:)

  6. I ALWAYS have a sandwich when I make soup, either grilled cheese or a hot ham or tukey sandwich done on the griddle. Perfect compliments AND reminds me of childhood!

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