A Wedding Venue is Set

Today we get to cross several major decisions off the wedding-planning to do list!

  • Select ceremony site – check!
  • Select reception location – check!
  • Select caterer – check!

All these decisions became quite easy after we went over some financial details and met once more last night with Jennifer from the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club since the ceremony, reception, food and alcohol would all be provided by the facility.

Numbers were crunched, budgets were adjusted and various dates were discussed, but eventually we all agreed that the Vinoy would be the perfect place for our upcoming wedding. It’s honestly the location of my dreams! I can’t wait and am so excited that several BIG decisions are finalized.


Ryan and I drove back to Orlando early this morning because he had a soccer game. Post-win (yay!), we cooked up some Kraft organic macaroni and cheese for lunch.

mac & cheese

It's the Cheesiest!

I love mac and cheese from the trusty ol’ blue box, but the never-ending list of ingredients deter me a bit. The organic option has a much shorter ingredient list and the sauce has a less-intense unnatural orange hue. Much better!

I actually don’t add any butter or milk to the mix. After draining the noodles I just stir in the sauce powder and it’s still delicious.

mac & cheese2

Cheesy Noodles

What a yummy childhood throwback meal!

Sunday To Do’s

Ryan and I are now off to run some Sunday errands. Target, Best Buy and the grocery store are on our list of stops. Our apartment is also looking pretty horrific, so cleaning is in my future.

Also, Ryan has already pre-warned me that he’s in the mood “to eat some crap” tonight, so I’m not sure what deliciously-greasy junk food will be on the menu. I think our pizza date last Sunday put him in greasy Sunday night date mode. 🙂

12 Responses

  1. YAAAY!! Sounds like a lovely location.

    Good luck running errands!

  2. congratulations!! oh man it has got to feel good to get that figured out 🙂

  3. congratulations on the wedding set up! thats so exciting! so when is the date??

  4. CONGRATS 🙂 Enjoy your date night.

  5. That is HUGE to get your wedding venue figured out!!

    I had no idea that Kraft made an organic version of mac & cheese! I also had no idea you could make it sans milk and butter. Hehe, cheesiest indeed! 🙂

    Have a lovely Sunday night date!! 🙂

  6. So happy for you that you got a venue! I’m watching bride wars too..perfect timing!

  7. YAY!!! The Vinoy is absolutely gorgeous- I can’t wait to see pictures already!

  8. Congrats on setting the venue!! That is HUGE, and you can breathe so much easier now. Really, there is not a lot you can do until you get down to the wire once the big stuff is out of the way.

    And OH, I am a HUGE fan of mac ‘n cheese. The cheap kind, the boxed kind, I dont care..I love it, always have and always will!

  9. I love how your blog is still about eating health and staying fit, but also following you as you plan a wedding. It is so exciting! (I get into weddings can you tell?) I must try this mac n cheese b/c I am a HUGE fan of the blue blox mac n cheese! Congrats on the site. It is beautiful!

  10. […] white cheddar flavor is great! We both preferred it to Kraft’s original organic macaroni and cheese. This actually tasted a lot like Annie’s organic white cheddar mac and cheese that Ryan and I […]

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