Nuts for Carba Nada Noodles

I discovered Carba Nada noodles on about two months ago. I wasn’t sure how they would taste when I ordered them because they have significantly less carbs than typical pasta as well as more protein and fiber (each two ounce serving has 140 calories, 24g carbs and 12g protein per serving).


Carba Nada Noodles

(Here is my initial review of  Carba Nada noodles back in September.)

Since I first tried the noodles, I’ve ordered at least five additional packages. Ryan loves them too, so they’re even man-approved. 😉

Tonight our dinner consisted of Carba Nada noodles topped with lots of veggies including:

  • Yellow squash
  • Portobello mushroom
  • Onion

Veggie Noodle Bowl

Don’t forget a half a cup of marinara sauce has an entire serving of veggies too. Yippee!

We also added some MorningStar Farms soy crumbles to the mix for additional protein and flava-flav.

dinner 2

My Bowl

My belly is pasta-full.

Wedding Question

Ryan and I are still in the process of looking at wedding venues and one that we are particularly in love with has offered us a decent discount if we were to get married on October 30. We initially were hoping for a November wedding, but October 30 is pretty darn close.

Do you think this date is too Halloweenie or has any negative connotations since it’s so close to Halloween? I’m thinkin’ it could be pretty amazing… 🙂

13 Responses

  1. It’s so funny you posted about these noodles. I specifically went to whole foods today in search of these, because I had seen them on your blog as well as some other blogs. I had no luck finding them at whole foods and I’ve tried publix as well. Is that site the only place to get the noodles? I really wanna try them. I’ve also looked for the morning star (not very hard) but I haven’t seen it. Where do you buy it??

    As for the wedding I think it could be a cute fall wedding on that date, with great fall colors. ❤ in AOT

    • hey christyne! unfortunately i’ve only ever seen the noodles on that site. if you ever find them in a store, definitely let me know! 🙂 i buy the morningstar crumbles at publix in their frozen vegetarian foods section. i’ve seen them in most grocery stores so i hope you don’t have trouble finding them.

  2. Considering how much I LOVE Halloween, I think it’s perfect 😀

  3. I want to try those noodles!

    I don’t think it’s too close at all. I had a client who was so set on having her wedding in October, that she took the 31st this year when it was the only day left! I think you’ll be fine – Halloween usually is just the one-day holiday!

  4. if you go with october 30th it is highly unlikely that anyone will forget the date 😉

  5. I need to try those noodles!!

    Go for it girl! October weddings are beautiful!!

  6. Those noodles have great stats!!

    October 30 would be a great date! I think it’d be fun to put a very subtle halloween touch on it like maybe candy corn in the wedding favors, etc. but not go too overboard with the halloweenie-ness, hehe! 🙂

  7. I love Halloween and I think the 30th is perfect 🙂

  8. Yummy look din din hun.

    I think a late October wedding would be beautiful. Think of all the pretty fall colors you could incorportate AND the food.. ahhh. YES! Go for it.

    I actually posted a few wedding pics on my blog yesterday. It was in the summer and it was approx 105* out.. yeah hello melted makeup. You wouldnt have to worry about that!!

    • haha i’ll have to check those pics out! in florida in oct. i just might have to worry about the heat!

  9. You could do a fall theme and colors and take the focus off of Halloween! A discount is a GOOD thing!

  10. Go for October 30th! Adults don’t really get into Halloween anyway!

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