Chocolate Swirl

Enjoying a big chocolate swirl through my morning hot cereal made my Monday start off right!

I made a bowl of Flax Z Snax butter pecan hot cereal and added a half of a scoop of cinnamon protein powder and a dark chocolate Hershey’s kiss for some sweetness.

oats and kiss

Oats and a Kiss

I stirred the kiss around until it made a yummy chocolate swirl throughout the bowl.

chocolate swirl

Chocolate Swirl

Ooooh tasty! This was a good Monday mornin’ breakfast!

I think my chocolate craving stemmed from my morning walk with Sadie. She picked up an empty box of Milk Duds and carried them along our walk and instead of thinking “ew, gross!” I though “mmm, delicious,” and knew chocolate would be incorporated into my breakfast.  🙂

6 Responses

  1. Great way to start a new week!

  2. YUMMY.. I love how some trash inspired this! 🙂

  3. mmm I bet that melted hersheys kiss was SO good!

  4. Where do you find all these delicious breakfast cereals? MMM

    • i ordered this one from they have a pretty good selection of cereals with more protein than normal. very tasty!

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