Saturday in Scottsdale

I’m back in Orlando after spending my entire Sunday traveling. It was sad to leave my friends and I had a truly wonderful time catching up, laughing and spending quality time with people I’ve known since before I was a teenager.

Yesterday was a blast! After running around Scottsdale all day, we came back to Steve and Ryan’s house to hang out and make dinner. Before starting our homemade meal, we popped open two bottles of champagne ($7 each.. can’t beat that!) and made mimosas.

ryan and steve2

The Boys and Their Drinks

champagne bump

Congratulating Each Other on Mimosas Well Made 🙂

We enjoyed our mimosas outside by the pool and played several rounds of CatchPhrase, Scattergories and Cornhole.

michaela and julie

The Ladies Enjoying Our Mimosas

cornhole 2


Sadly my friend Michaela and I got our little booties kicked in Cornhole. We’re convinced Ryan and Steve practice this game regularly… 😉

After lots of rounds of various games, our tummies were grumblin’ and we decided to cook our dinner. We sauted red and green peppers with onions for with garlic and herb chicken sausage. We also boiled angel hair pasta for fettuccine alfredo.




Sneakin' a Taste

When Steve heard the meal would be posted on the blog, he put the bright plastic bowls away and said we could use his “fine china.” We felt so special using glass bowls. 😉

fine china

Ooooh Glass Bowls!

We ate dinner outside and shared a little with Fiona, Ryan’s black lab.

julie and steve

Dinner Time

michaela and ryan

Yum, Yum

julie steve fiona

Doggie Love

After dinner, Ryan and Steve’s friends Katie and JJ came over and we changed clothes and hung out a bit more, playing Rock Band and enjoying Power Hour fun.


Katie, Ryan, JJ, Michaela and Steve

ryan and katie

Ryan and Katie

julie singing

Singin' My Heart Out with My Girl Fiona

Eventually we headed out to a karaoke bar for some more obnoxious singing and fun times. Ryan and Steve unknowingly signed me and Michaela up to sing “Take On Me.” We tried our best (my apologies to the crowd for our lack of pitch 😉 ), and thankfully Ryan came up to join us.


Karaoke Fun

We had a fantastic time singing along to other karaoke classics like “Sweet Caroline,” “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.”


Michaela and Steve Beltin' it Out

singing 2

"I've Got Friends in Low Places"

gang 2


After spending quality time at the karaoke bar, we walked a block or two to finish out the night at a casual bar with lots of dancin’!



gang 4

Good Times, Good Times

michaela and ryan 2


The night was so, so much fun!


Unfortunately when my phone’s alarm clock went off at 8 a.m. (to be sure we had time to pack before leaving for the airport) I wasn’t feeling my best. Michaela seemed to be feeling the same way I was… not – so – good. Ick!

Standing in a good 30-minute line in airport security didn’t exactly help my belly. I wasn’t hungry at all, but bought a vanilla and chocolate soft-serve frozen yogurt to get something in my stomach before departing for Orlando.



I spent the majority of the flight with my head on my tray table trying to sleep off my nausea.

Once we finally landed, I couldn’t help but smile at what came to pick me up… a smiling Ryan and an extra-excited and wiggly Sadie. 🙂 “Reunited and it feels so good!”

Ryan and I snuck in a quick Sunday night date at Anthony’s Pizza in downtown Orlando. It was nice to swap stories from the weekend and be back with my guy. We ordered the Mediterranean pizza which was topped with lots of veggies. It was tasty! I ate entirely too much, but I was happy to have my appetite back. We also hit up McDonald’s afterward to share an Oreo McFlurry and a hot chocolate. So good.

I am sleepy and have some unpacking to do before bed tonight. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend!

Thanks again Ryan, Steve and Michaela for such a fun weekend! I loved seeing all of you again and miss you already. 🙂

5 Responses

  1. Now we understand your late night phone call! We’re glad you had fun and we enjoyed seeing your old buddies in the pictures. xo

  2. EEP!! You are so much like me – I LOVE MIMOSAs and CatchPhrase is mine and hubs all time favorite games. Great pics – thanks for sharing.

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