Exploring Arizona

Fortunately my friends woke up abnormally early for a Saturday too so we were able to get a jump on exploring Scottsdale.

arizona mountains

Arizona Mountains

I love the scenery. It’s such a difference from the flat terrain of Florida. Plus, the weather was absolutely perfect. It was in the 80s but with no humidity. This Florida girl was in heaven!

For lunch we drove to Tempe near the Arizona State University campus for lunch at Bison Witches.

boston witches

Bison Witches

I ordered a big salad that was served in a yummy, doughy bread bowl. I loved the avocado and artichoke hearts and ate the whole thing.


Veggie Bread Bowl Salad


Full Smiles

After lunch we walked around Tempe and even found an adorable store filled with holiday trinkets and crafts. Luckily the guys humored us and ventured inside. They even found some wooden soldiers they thought would look “pretty awesome” by their pool… maybe not. 😉


Guys and Soldiers

Walking around the town was lots of fun and with perfect weather we all had a great time.

We then ran some errands to pick up drinks and food for dinner tonight. Michaela and I are cookin’ dinner for the boys!

The menu: chicken sausage with peppers and onions and fettuccine alfredo. Sounds tasty! Let’s hope it turns out well.

I’m lovin’ Arizona fun!

4 Responses

  1. I too love Arizona!! My favorite area is Sedona 🙂

  2. Arizona looks beautiful!

  3. I love Arizona.. my brother used to live there and I LOVED visiting. Enjoy your visit.. your salad looks super yum in that bread bowl!

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