Rave Reviews for Lobster Ravioli

When Ryan was off being a wild man of nature on his hiking adventure last week, I took my time browsing around the grocery store. I can spend shockingly long amounts of time in grocery store aisles and without Ryan rushing me encouraging me along, I often stumble upon fun foodie finds.

Last week the lobster ravioli caught my eye. At less than $5 a pack, I figured this would be a great way to enjoy a dinner that tasted gourmet on a poor writer’s budget.


Lobster Ravioli

ravioli 2


Before boiling the ravioli, I sauteed yellow squash, onion and portobello mushrooms to add to the marinara sauce I used to top the pasta.



I wanted to incorporate extra veggies into this meal since the only vegetables I seemed to ingest this weekend were the ones on my burger. Oops!

ravioli and veggies

Ravioli Bowl

ravioli and veggies 2

My Bowl

Ryan said this dinner was a great way to carbo-load before our run tomorrow. 🙂 (Anyone else remember that episode of The Office where Michael carbo-loads on fettuccine Alfredo for the 5K Rabies Awareness Run? Hilarious!)  Ryan is joining me and Sadie on our morning run as we resurrect Family Fun Run now that his hamstring injury is healed.

With big full bellies we’re poppin’ The Proposal in the DVD player to enjoy a movie and relax for the rest of the night. See you in the morning!

5 Responses

  1. I’ve had lobster ravioli from TJ’s. Pretty good!

  2. I love lobster – that looks yummy.
    I have realized that I almost always prefer my veggies incorporated into my meals rather than on the side. That sauce looks like a great way to get them all in.

  3. I just made that for my husband last night 😀 I wanted some so bad….11 more days.

  4. loved the proposal!! I don’t like lobster but those look great!!!

  5. […] and I discovered Monterey Pasta Company ravioli when we found their lobster ravioli on the shelves. We loved that flavor and have tried a variety of their raviolis and been impressed […]

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