A Fetchin’ Good Night

Orthodontist Appointment and Wedding Talk

I left work a little early today for an invisalign appointment with my orthodontist. Yes, I am 24 and am going through braces (albeit clear ones) for the first time.

My orthodontist is awesome (she went to Haaaa-vard) and is a fellow bride-to-be. I ended up staying after my appointment for half an hour or so chatting with her and oogling over Orlando wedding photographer’s photo albums online. All the wedding talk made me super excited for this weekend when Ryan and I head to St. Petersburg to stay with my parents and check out some venues. We’re not sure whether Orlando or St. Pete will be our location of choice, but I am ready to start lookin’ at some places!

Entertaining the Pup

Sadie was ready and rearin’ to go when I got home. I tossed a load of laundry in the washing machine and leashed her up for a trip to the dog park.

dog park sign

Don't Forget

I loved that sign posted on the doggie bulletin board. Nice and to the point. Pick up the doodie people!

Sadie took off and found a ball within 2.5 seconds of our arrival to the park.

sadie with ball

"This is the best ball EVERRRR!"

She enjoyed several rounds of fetch and lots of time in the lake.

sadie swimming

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...

sadie fetching

Got it!

I love watching her run around and just be a dawg!


Regal Sadie


Dinner was a remix of leftovers. I used the roasted butternut squash and onions from last night’s butternut and apple pizza and tossed them with broccoli florets and portobello mushrooms.


Lots of Veggies

I added some yummy egg noodles to the mix to create a tasty pasta dish.

pasta bowl



Tonight I’m off to continue checking chores off my to do list… laundry, dishes, paint my nails… fun!

12 Responses

  1. Ahhhh wedding talk is so fun! I’m sure you will have a blast this coming weekend!

  2. I love knockiing things off of my to-do list! So when will you get your invisible braces?! I had them (not invisible) – wish i’d waited. Are invisible as painful as old school wires??! Sadie is adorable – love the pics!!

    • i’ve had my invisalign since april of this year… i’ll probably have to wear them through the summer of next year! they’re kind of a pain, but it really hasn’t been too bad. i can’t complain since they’re clear (but i still notice them!). they really aren’t too painful either- my teeth are sensitive for the first day or so when you get a new aligner (i get a new aligner every 2 weeks). glad you like the sadie pics! she’s a crazy one! 🙂

  3. ohh wedding talk! so exciting! thats so awesome about the clear braces I wish I knew about those when i waas 13…then again at 13, I think if you DONT have braces you are in the minority LOL

    LOVE the pics of sweet sadie 🙂

  4. Sadie is so sweet. I love when dogs play in the water. My dog is such a baby, she barely enjoys bath time.

  5. What a pretty dog! My parents have a Weimeriener named Sadie! I guess it’s a popular dog name.

  6. Planning a wedding is very exciting… Have fun looking at possible venues this weekend! 🙂

  7. Love the regal shot 🙂 Look at me I don’t cause trouble LOL!

    My dog HATES the water and she’s part lab?

    • really!? too funny! i always laugh when i see labs or golden retrievers avoiding the water & see pugs & poodles diving right in! 🙂

  8. I can’t wait for this weekend too! The pictures capture Sadie’s spirit so well. Miss you all! xo

  9. I love all the pictures of Sadie!!! She is so darn cute! 🙂 Love the blog as always!!!

  10. […] will be leaving work early today for yet another Invisalign appointment with my orthodontist. I  actually don’t mind these appointments (I have to go once every six […]

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