UF Family Fun

I left in the early afternoon for Gainesville to spend the weekend at the University of Florida with my family for my sister Leslie’s sorority’s family weekend.

Me and Lil' Les

Me and Lil' Les

I was so excited to see them!!!

Before I left I made a quick tuna salad with sliced celery, green pepper, tuna, light mayo, relish and mustard.

Pre-Mixed Tuna Salad

Pre-Mixed Tuna Salad

It was yummy but  I think I overdid it on the celery. I hate to waste food and the celery in my fridge is on it’s last leg so I used more than I normally might to beef up the salad.

My family left St. Pete for Gainesville a little while before me but we ended up arriving at the hotel at the exact same time. Crazy, huh?

After checking into our room, we headed over to Leslie’s sorority house to check out her digs. Her room is adorable and she and her roommate did an excellent job of making their room bright and coordinated. I miss sorority house living!

We were all pretty hungry by 4:30 p.m. and since we knew we weren’t eating dinner until at least 7:30 p.m., we headed to Firehouse Subs and Yogaberry for a light snack.

Philly Cheesesteak Sub

Philly Cheesesteak Sub

We ordered a Philly cheesesteak sub and split it before digging into some frozen yogurt. The sub was tasty (and greasy… eh) and I loved all the cheese!

Yogaberry is a delicious frozen yogurt place that serves many different kinds of fat-free organic frozen yogurt. This soft serve lover was in heaven! I opted for a cup of half strawberry and half chocolate.

Yogaberry Frozen Yogurt

Yogaberry Frozen Yogurt

All I can say is MMMMMM! They need one of these in Orlando.

The gang then went back to the hotel to catch up some more and watch some football (well, my dad watched the football anyway). We also began the wedding planning discussions which makes me very excited to start the planning process!

At 7:30 p.m. we headed to Ballyhoo’s, a seafood restaurant for dinner with Leslie’s sorority. The atmosphere was a neat blend of a sports bar and a comfortable seafood joint. Right up my alley! It took us a while to find a table but we enjoyed meeting Leslie’s friends and their families.

Eventually we got seated and once the buffet line died down we fixed ourselves several plates of tasty food.



My favorites were the shrimp, scallops and the cake (multiple pieces were enjoyed)! The crusty bread was also warm and doughy and delicious. I ate until I was a little too full, but it was an amazing night with my amazing family.


Right now everyone is sleeping but me (blogging!) and my dad (showering). We have plans to hit the hotel’s breakfast buffet in a bit before heading once again to Leslie’s sorority house to meet up with the other girls and their families and enjoy more food. I’m lovin’ all this family time (and food!).

I also have lunch plans to meet up with a friend from college, Philip, who is currently in law school at UF. I’m excited to see him!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

9 Responses

  1. Aww fun times!! Enjoy the rest of today’s activities 🙂

  2. Sounds like so much fun. You are your sis are too cute.

  3. Every time I am back in Jax, my mom and I always go to Yogaberry! It is my FAVE place!!!! We definitely need one in O-town (except, I would probably go every day, haha)

  4. Every time I am back in Jax, my mom and I always go to Yogaberry! It is my FAVE place!!!! We definitely need one in O-town (except, I would probably go every day, haha)

  5. thought of you this morning as i licked peanut butter off my fingers…

    you are soo gorgeous. =D

  6. you look stunning my dear in that first picture!! love your hair!

    oh man does that fro-yo ever sound divine 🙂

  7. I just found your bloggie and am so glad I did! I want to try those pumpkin/cake mix cookies soon!

    I added you to my blog roll. 🙂 Cannot wait to keep reading your blog!

  8. I’m loving all of your blogging and the pictures from this weekend! I had so much fun! Thanks so much for coming Juju!! I love your new greek yogurt combination with the golden grams (courtesy of adpi) and soynuts ;). That sounds yummy! Love you and miss you tons!
    P.s. I’m having post family time blues too 😦
    Lil’ Les

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