Bargain Baby Food Breakfast

Today’s breakfast was a “bargain breakfast.”

Greek Yogurt, Banana Puffs and Dried Banana and Pineapple

Greek Yogurt, Banana Puffs and Dried Banana and Pineapple

I am a bargain hunter, a coupon clipper and a sale shopper. Buy one, get one free deals are my best friend. Ryan and I always compare the “How much did you save?” number at the bottom of our Publix grocery store receipts.

(Surprisingly the cashiers can get really into our little competition, too. One time the bagger ran to the back of the store to get me a bag of frozen large shrimp instead of the jumbo ones I selected since the large ones were on sale. I won that particular savings competition. 😉 )

During our most recent trip to the grocery store, an item I typically bypass was on sale: baby food. The discounted price caught my eye and when I saw “whole grains” on the label of one of the items, I began looking at the products more closely.

Gerber Graduates Banana Puffs

Gerber Graduates Banana Puffs

The Gerber Graduates Puffs (banana flavor) are made with whole grains and real banana and have only 25 calories per one half-up serving. I put them in my cart.

Next I spotted Gerber Graduates Mini Fruits (banana pineapple flavor).

Gerber Graduates Dried Banana and Pineapple

Gerber Graduates Dried Banana and Pineapple

The ingredients were very simple: freeze-dried banana and pineapple. Into my cart they went. (They were only $1!)

My breakfast this morning was a cup of Chobani Greek yogurt topped with my two bargain baby food purchases.

Greek Yogurt and Baby Food

Greek Yogurt and Baby Food

A Delicious Combo

A Delicious Combo

I also brewed a hot cup of Mighty Leaf chocolate mint truffle tea to enjoy with my crunchy yogurt creation.

Monday's Breakfast

Monday's Breakfast

Who knew an adult could love baby food so much?

Question: Are you a bargain hunter? What are your favorite stores for great deals?

13 Responses

  1. Everytime I pass the baby food stuff at the store I always want a sample!! Are the banan puffs good??
    Looks like a super breakfast 🙂

  2. I’ve never tried those baby puffs!! I, unfortunately am NOT a bargain shopper. I’m bad.

  3. I LOVE baby food! The fruits are so good mixed into oatmeal and yogurt, but cheap! I thought I was the only one 🙂
    I wish I was more of a bargain hunter. I always forget coupons!

  4. Baby good is great!

  5. I am a huge bargain hunter, I love clipping and organizing coupons. I also love to find a great deal on clothes, my best deal to date was a $700 dollar suit for $33!

  6. Baby food — go figure! I’m such a coupon clipper. Chobani are on sale at my local supermarket for 99 cents and I went a little crazy!

  7. I’m a huge bargain shopper. I talk about it on my blog often. It’s like a game to me! I always look at the percentage I’ve saved at the bottom to. I have a friend that is a coupon genius! She can go and get a whole cart full and end up spending like $1. It’s crazy!

  8. When my son was a wee-one he loved those Banana Puffs – they really are tasty.
    I LOVE your recipe with the cake mix. I told my mom about it last night and she is going to try it out for herself today.
    I actually just found your blog yesterday and was poking around when I found the recipe – so glad that I stopped by. I did not expect to see you appear on mine. I am happy that you saw my take on your recipe.
    Have a great day.

    • i love it!!! you did a wonderful job. i’ve made it w/ chocolate cake mix before too – very fudgy. 🙂 thanks for stopping by again.

  9. I used to eat those little jars of plums from Gerber. They taste just like plum pudding…

    I should pay more attention to prices but I just get so excited by the food that I usually forget to even look at the cost.

  10. I LOVE that you got the gerber baby dried fruit and the puffs, I get that stuff too, Im so happy to see someone else love it too besides my two year old nephew, lol, I never tell anyone about how good that stuff is because didnt want them to be like, what?! U eat baby food, but its so good !! Have a gnite!

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