Pretty ‘n’ Pink

I really don’t consider myself an extreme girly-girl, though Ryan may disagree with this statement entirely. I do love clothes, shopping, weddings and babies. However,  I’m not a huge fan of doing my hair or putting on make-up and can be found lounging in my Victoria’s Secret Pink sweats with my hair in a ponytail (or a nice high bun that Ryan likes to call my “poof“) most of the time.

Beloved Victoria's Secret Pink Sweatpants

Beloved Victoria's Secret Pink Sweatpants

One thing that I do share with typical girly-girls is my love for the color pink. Last night I made a delicious snack to bring to work today that resulted in the most brilliantly colored pink puff of tastiness.

After reading rave reviews of this concoction hailed by the women of Oxygen, I decided to try the recipe known as “Pink Fluff.”

To begin, simply prepare a packet of sugar-free jello, but only use one cup of hot water to stir into the packet. Do not pour in the other cup of cold water like the directions on the box indicate.

Put the jello in the fridge for an hour or two until it has set and become firm, then top the Jello with one cup of cottage cheese and blend baby, blend!

Strawberry Jello and Cottage Cheese

Strawberry Jello and Cottage Cheese


Blended Cottage Cheese and Jello

Blended Cottage Cheese and Jello

What a beautiful puff of pink fluff!

I topped mine with freshly sliced strawberries, almonds and walnuts.

Pink Poof

Pink Poof

The consistency was like a hardened mousse. It was definitely creamy, light and fluffy. For you cottage cheese haters, this is a fantastic way to use the curds because you would never know cottage cheese was in this bad boy.

This recipe was so simple and so tasty. I cannot wait to try it with sugar-free lemon jello. I think it might taste like lemon meringue pie. Drool…

Pretty AND Yummy

Pretty AND Yummy

Question: Do you consider yourself a girly-girl? Why or why not?

5 Responses

  1. Haha I used to wear my hair in a “poof” all the time but I cut my hair short so now it’s barely in a ponytail! The pink color of the cottage cheese does look appealing…I will have to try that!

  2. ahh the beloved fluff recipe! I have made this before but it diodnt come out too good! I dont knwo what I did wrong but it somewhat scarred me from trying again!

    now, you made me want to try it all over!

    looks delish, Julie!

  3. I can’t wait to be able to eat cottage cheese again and try that!!

    I’m the same way, I really look like a slob most of the time LOL! If you can look good without makeup go for it right?

  4. Julie, do you blend with a simple spoon or in the blender to take away the cottage cheese chunks? Thansk!!

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