Berry Good Breakfast

Helllllllo Friday! Another fabulous Friday is upon us. Let’s hope the work day goes fast and the weekend goes slooooow. 🙂

My morning started off on a good note with a great workout followed by a berry good breakfast.

The Goods for a Berry Good Breakfast

The Goods for a Berry Good Breakfast

Today’s breakfast centered around fresh strawberries, a blueberry Oikos organic Greek yogurt and a blueberry NutriGrain bar.

This week I ventured out from my favorite plain Greek yogurt and tried the honey Greek yogurt. After falling madly in love with the sweet and thick flavor, I decided to give the blueberry flavor a go today.

Oikos Blueberry Greek Yogurt

Oikos Blueberry Greek Yogurt

It was super yummy and very sweet. For anyone new to Greek yogurt, the blueberry or honey flavors would probably be a great way to ease into the thick and more tart taste of the yogurt.

I topped my yogurt with freshly cut strawberries and half of the blueberry NutriGrain bar (the other half was already in mah belly).

Berry Tasty

Berry Tasty

(I took the NutriGrain bar from my house last weekend – thanks Mom and Dad!)

My gym serves free coffee until 10 a.m. on weekdays, so I made sure to fill up my tumbler with half Barnie’s French vanilla coffee and half Barnie’s cinnamon butter cookie coffee. What a tasty combination!



The breakfast was a berry delight. The fresh strawberries were perfectly sweet and the NutriGrain bar tasted like a crumbled piece of blueberry pie.


On a side note, in high school I used to eat NutriGrain bars all the time, thinking I was making a nutritious choice (I mean the label says NutriGrain for crying out loud). Well, after examining the label this morning, I noticed several things. While it’s wonderful that the main ingredient in the crust is whole grain rolled oats, the main ingredient in the blueberry filling is not blueberry… it’s high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). I do not completely avoid HFCS because it’s in so many products (often minimally), but  when it’s this prevalent in a product, I steer clear. Sadly these “nutritious” bars will not be part of my breakfast again any time soon, though it was a tasty addition to my morning meal.

9 Responses

  1. I haven’t tried the blueberry, but I thought the strawberry was super sweet. I wasn’t a huge fan.

  2. yummy yummy breakfast! I havent tried the blueberry flavor yogurt 🙂

    totally hear ya on the nutrigrain bars! ui used to have them all the time and then i realized they werent the healthiest option, still yummy sometimes though!

    wow what crazy flavor coffee your gym has, thats so awesome! cute cup too!

  3. I used to eat them all the time too and then read the label, full of stuff I don’t need!

  4. I used to live off of those in elementary school. My friend and I also discovered that if you top them with cream cheese they taste exactly like cheesecake. Haven’t had them in years though, and definitely try and go as natural as possible when it comes to packaged bars (thank you Larabar!)

    I wonder if you could make your own Nutrigrain type bar with all natural ingredients? It could be so good!

  5. I know what you mean about the bars! I always thought I was doing a good thing by buying cereal bars, but you definitely have to be careful! Just cause something looks healthy doesn’t mean it always is…

    – Beth @

  6. try the crunchy nature valley granola bars or the kashi bars instead. nutrigrain is practically a candy bar…

  7. I am on your coffee tumbler! 🙂

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