Snack Time Ain’t Just for Kindergartners

I am a constant snacker. I eat throughout the day mainly because I love food and can’t stand only eating three meals daily. I get too excited about my snacks to eliminate my mid-morning and afternoon snack from my food regimen.

My post-breakfast snack yesterday was one of my favorites to date.

I started with a cup of Oikos organic honey Greek yogurt (first time trying this flavor thanks to the wonderful coupons Stonyfield Farm sent to me – thank you!).

Me and one of my all-time favorites... Greek yogurt!

Me and one of my all-time favorites... Greek yogurt!

In keeping with the honey theme, I packed a small box of Kashi honey sunshine cereal to add on top of the yogurt.

Aw Honey, Honey

Aw Honey, Honey

I didn’t realize the honey was at the bottom of the yogurt cup until I opened it up and began stirring. Those people over at Oikos are generous with their honey!

Lots o' Honey

Lots o' Honey

I couldn’t resist trying a bite before topping the yogurt with the cereal.

I typically enjoy plain Greek yogurt topped with various goodies, but OH WOW this honey yogurt was phenomenal… thick, creamy and sweet… it tasted like an indulgent dessert.

Honey Sunshine Cereal and Honey Greek Yogurt

Honey Sunshine Cereal and Honey Greek Yogurt

This combination was unbelievable. I am a huge honey fan, so this snack hit my honey-lovin’ spot.

There was too much cereal to fit into the cup, so I ate some and stirred the rest in, topping the yogurt again with another sprinkle of the honey sunshine puffs.

Sweet and Creamy

Sweet and Creamy



Snack time is one of my favorite times of the day!

Some of my favorite snacks include:

–  Greek yogurt topped with basically anything

– My protein brownie

– Whole wheat tortilla and light cheese melted together (quesadilla-style!)

– Apple with nut butter (or just a simple peanut butter finger will do ;))

– Protein/cereal bar of some sort

– Fresh fruit and a handful of nuts

Question: What are some of your favorite snack foods?

7 Responses

  1. -banana and peanut butter
    -sargento pepper jack cheese sticks
    -greek yogurt
    etc etc etc, im having a brain fart! haha

  2. I LOVE the honey with greek yogurt. My favorite is the 2% Fage because the yogurt is sooo thick and creamy. The only downside is they really load in the honey …. there is about 2 tablespoons in the Fage. I love it but not sure I want to eat THAT much honey. My favorite is yogurt, banana, honey, and pumpkin spice granola. OMG.

  3. I’m all about the fresh figs and homemade trail mixes these days! I’ve packed a trail mix of almonds, dried kiwi, prunes, apricots, medjool dates and cashews for my plane ride up to Paris tomorrow!

    I’m dying to try your protein brownie!

  4. I love to snack on cheese, apples or other fruit, very crunch veggies and a big weak spot for Trader Joe’s Kettle Corn.

  5. ahh snack time is my fav too!

    I love greek yogurt with an apple!

    i also just made a great concoction of a veggie burger chopped up and cooked with eggwhites

    that was very tasty!!

    I love larabars, fruit, nutbutters, kashi grarnola bars

  6. Fiber one chocolate and oat bars are really good! I also love gala apples and carrot sticks.

  7. […] week I ventured out from my favorite plain Greek yogurt and tried the honey Greek yogurt. After falling madly in love with the sweet and thick flavor, I decided to give the blueberry […]

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