Goat Cheese Puh-Lease!

Goat cheese is just so darn delicious. It is so flavorful and can truly hold its own against other strong ingredients. Today’s lunch centered around this strong cheese.

Goat Cheese and Broccoli Pizza

Goat Cheese and Broccoli Pizza

I made myself a goat cheese and broccoli pizza using freshly steamed broccoli florets and the best-ever crumbled goat cheese: Monchevré!

I used a Joseph’s whole wheat pita as the crust for my pizza and spread a liberal amount of marinara sauce on top for the sauce.

Joseph's Pita Bread

Joseph's Pita Bread

I microwaved the whole pizza for approximately 45 seconds. I would prefer to make it in the oven to crisp the crust, but limited resources are available in the work break room. 😉

Yummy Melted Cheese

Yummy Melted Cheese

I cut the pizza into four mini slices to make it easier to handle. No pizza sauce on this girl!

A Mini Slice

A Mini Slice

For some reason the goat cheese made me feel like I was eating quite the gourmet lunch (prepared by a microwave)!

Question: What’s your favorite kind of cheese? “Any kind” is not an appropriate answer. 🙂

2 Responses

  1. YUM that looks delish! i LOVE goat cheese also a huge feta fan!!….i have also discovered manchego (found it at trader joes) and it si sooo good! it is a semi hard cheese similar to gouda but with a little bit of a bite….also love munster!

  2. sounds great!

    only problem with this is the MICROWAVES, they kill everything in the food leaving no nutritional benefits.

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