This morning I woke up in the mood for something super sweet for breakfast. My workouts also serve as brainstorming time for my breakfast and since I was running intervals this morning, I thought the traditional runner’s fuel would be a great breakfast: bananas! I decided to make a mock bananas flambe as a reward for an intense workout (thank you to Lisa for inspiring this recipe)!
Bananas Topped with Sugar-Free Syrup

Bananas Topped with Sugar-Free Syrup

After showering, I took a frozen banana out of the freezer and sliced it up, placing the banana slices on a griddle sprayed with cooking spray. After letting the fruit sizzle for a bit, I topped each slice with a small squirt of Smucker’s sugar-free breakfast syrup.

Sizzlin' Bananas

Sizzlin' Bananas

I then flipped the banana slices, allowing the syrup to caramelize into sugary goodness.

Before the bananas were done, I opened a cup of Oikos organic Greek yogurt to serve as a bead for the warm bananas. I placed the banana slices on the yogurt and sprinkled my breakfast bowl with Kashi Go Lean cereal for extra crunch.

Yummy Banana Goodness

Yummy Banana Goodness

This breakfast tasted like a decadent dessert. I would actually serve this for dessert in addition to breakfast for a healthy take on traditional bananas flambe. Tasty, tasty.

This was a great reward after a nice cardio session this morning! My belly is happy.

4 Responses

  1. Glad I could inspire you! Yours looks pretty tasty!!

  2. I didn’t know you could bake bananas like that — wow learned something new today! Your bfast looked good!

  3. YUM what a great idea! I love warm bananas, I always throw them in my oats when they are cooking and they plump up and get all delicious!!

  4. OMG. O.M.G.

    I am so on it!

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