Grocery Shopping in My Parents’ Pantry

Every time I leave my parents’ house after a weekend at home, I inevitably leave with a department store bag full of food from their pantry. Fortunately they’ve come to expect this and my mom even buys duplicates of items she actually wants to remain after I leave so they’re not completely depleted of all yummy foods.

Here is a picture of my latest conquest:

Thanks Mom and Dad

Thanks Mom and Dad

I stocked up on fruit and nut bars, pasta, tea, cake mix, seasonings, cheese and more. I even made off with a super cute tea pot and some tea cups! Lucky ducky.

As if making off with a bag full of groceries isn’t good enough, my parents both sneak me money for “gas,” just like they did when I was in college despite the fact that I am 24 and have a full time job. They are well aware that they both give me money and this time my mom even said “Here you go, Sweetie. Nothing like some double dipping, huh?”  as she handed me extra money. I love that my parents will always think of me as their little girl… but then again, I always will be their little girl. 🙂

Question: What do you always leave with when you visit your parents?

5 Responses

  1. Sadly, if my Dad is there – I leave with a bad mood! LOL But if its just my mom and sister I always leave with a smile. 🙂

  2. When I was in college I would leave with SOOO much food.. baked ziti, chicken parm, soup.. my mom is the best!! I also would leave with groceries just like you!

  3. My mom does the same thing!!

    I left last night with…

    loaf of cinn raison ezekial bread, some apples, 2 quaker oatmeal true deligh bars, bananas, pumpkin, and some sandwich things haha!

  4. I grocery shop at my parent’s house all the time! LOL. 🙂

  5. I do the same thing when I go home to visit the parents lol! Since I live on my own, my dad brings me extra goodies from home to stock me up:)

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