Friday Fun: Awkward Conversation and Fiber One

Hoooooray for Friday! To get your day started with something beautiful, here’s a picture of a lovely lil’ flower I saw on my morning walk with Sadie:

Friday Flower

Friday Flower

And here’s the pretty lady herself:

My Little Love

My Little Love

I love everything about Fridays… even the wonderfully awkward elevator conversation with a stranger on the way into work:

Me: Good morning!

Stranger: ‘Morning. (with a yawn)

Me: Tired?

Stranger: (sigh) Yeah.

Me: At least it’s Friday.

Stranger: You got that right. Thank goodness.

(elevator doors open and awkward conversation ceases)

I think it’s the anticipation of a fun-filled weekend that most excites me. Ryan, Sadie and I are heading to see my family after work today and I can’t wait for some quality time together.

I was doubly excited to wake up today because I knew I had a yummy breakfast waiting to be inhaled after my workout.

Fiber One Bar and Greek Yogurt

Fiber One Bar and Greek Yogurt

The Fiber One bar was one of the free samples I received in the mail yesterday and was an ooey-gooey sweet and chocolatey delight.

Check Out those Chippies!

Check Out those Chippies!

I ate half before crumbling the remaining bar and topping my Greek yogurt with the chewy goodness.

Greek Yogurt Topped with a Fiber One Bar

Greek Yogurt Topped with a Fiber One Bar

I love granola bars but don’t usually buy them because I never seem to be satisfied with one. I want to eat five. Maybe six. They’re kinda like cookies in that way.

Happy Weekend Eve everyone!

Question: Is there anything you love but rarely buy because you know you can’t stop at just one portion?

My top five would be: Cheez-its, Nestle Dibs, white cheddar popcorn, peanut butter M&Ms and most sugary cereals.

7 Responses

  1. I don’t buy peanut butter M&M’s, I will eat the whole bag!

  2. Those vitatops. Dont buy them too often!

  3. Any baked goods!!! Or candy corn. That stuff is the devil with portions….hahaa/

  4. well i do have a problemo with cereal/granola right out of the box! I could eat the entire box, as i am sure most of us could!…I try to put portions in baggies and JUST brin those, or I break up a granola bar that way it is pre portioned out!

    I havent tried the fiberone bars but heard they are quite good!

    pretty flower πŸ™‚

  5. Hahahah that conversation in the elevator is such a typical small talk convo…I love it! Made me laugh. πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Julie! It’s Susan…from high school…haha. I followed you over from facebook. Your blog looks awesome!

    I should buy M&M’s less often because the entire bag will be gone in three days…if that…

  7. Yes! I’m the worst with sweets and chips. My husband complains when we don’t have them in the house, but if we just had them laying around for whenever he wanted them, I’d be big as a house!

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