Somethin’ Fishy

Ewww that’s kitty chow,” my friend Michaela would say anytime I had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch back in elementary school. Cats do love a good can of tuna and so do I!

The last time four-packs of canned tuna were on sale at the grocery store I stocked up and last night I realized I have one too many cans of this fish in my apartment. That made today’s lunch an easy decision.

Tuna Salad on a Wheat Bagel

Tuna Salad on a Wheat Bagel

I made the tuna salad with a big ol’ squirt of light Miracle Whip and two large spoonfuls of sugar-free relish. After slicing a juicy plum tomato and scooping the tuna salad onto a toasted Alternative sweet wheat bagel, my lunch was ready.

A Fishy Lookin' Bagel

A Fishy Lookin' Bagel

Eating tuna salad takes me back to the days when I’d have to defend my choice of sandwich against the mob of peanut butter and jellies that would surround me at the school lunch table. Ah, memories.

My morning snack choice was definitely less stinky.

Apple Quesadilla

Apple Quesadilla

I made an apple quesadilla by melting light Babybel cheese on a whole wheat tortilla and topping it with warm Granny Smith apple slices.

Ooey, Gooey, Cheesy and Fruity

Ooey, Gooey, Cheesy and Fruity

Sweet, salty and oh-so-cheeesy!

2 Responses

  1. Oh my, your breakfast looks super yummy!

    We’re tuna fish lovers in my house too…it’s smelly, but oh so good!

  2. Lovin’ that quesadilla! Gotta try it out.

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