A Brownie with NO Carbs?

My carbless brownie (which I’ve dubbed my protein brownie) is my snack of choice when those 3 p.m. munchies hit. I use All the Whey protein powder (my favorite flavors are chocolate peanut butter cup and cup cake batter) to make the “brownie.” Now don’t go expecting Duncan Hines-quality brownies because the density and moisture just isn’t there, but this little substitute is a great way for me to sneak extra protein into my diet since I do not particularly enjoy protein shakes or really crave meat. 



Protein Brownie

Protein Brownie



One scoop protein powder of choice

One egg white

Pinch of baking soda

Little bit of water

Nuts (optional)


Combine ingredients, adding just enough water to make the “batter” moist. Microwave on high for one minute. Your brownie will puff up a lot and then deflate. Enjoy immediately while still warm and moist. This brownie is also good topped with yogurt and fresh berries.

Again, this will not taste anything like the ooey-gooey brownies you’re used to but remember that this brownie is actually good for you! 🙂 Some will love it, some will hate it.

I love it and so does Sadie (see, she wants some):

Sadie Eyein' the Protein Brownie

Sadie Eyein' the Protein Brownie

Don’t worry, Sadie’s not allowed to have the chocolate-flavored brownies. Chocolate and dogs = a biiig no no!

19 Responses

  1. Your doggie is adorable! 🙂

  2. Oh I have GOT to try this!! What a great idea!!!

  3. Okay…I just made one…YUMMAY!!! This might be a new snack staple for me!!! THANK YOU!

  4. I also cross-posted this on my site…of course crediting you!

  5. How much does the brownie rise?

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  8. I see we enjoy much of the same foods (i also LOVE sugar free gum…ok i’m addicted) 🙂 and pb, cottage cheese, pro powder, chocolate are also staples for me 🙂 but i say you dont ‘love protein shakes’ which surprised me! Check out my post on protein shake recipes..it may change the way you see them forever 🙂 (I eat them at least once a day!)

  9. Omg I made this…soooo good!!! I will be writing about it in my next post!!! THANK YOU LOVE!!!! xoxoxox

  10. What if you don’t have a microwave? We don’t use microwaves. Can you bake these? Have you ever tried?

  11. I stumbled upon this website via fitsugar.com and love it! I’m so excited to try these recipes!! Thank you!!

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  14. definitely wanna try this – but im nervous! hehe – how much is a “splash” of water? i am sooooo baking-challenged 🙂

    can’t wait!

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